All runners have three goals: run faster, run longer... without pain!

RUNstrong® has been helping runners and those who work with runners for over 20 years reach those goals.

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Online courses for runners and coaches
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Health coaching & physical therapy

On Demand Courses

Looking to improve health, strength, and mobility with courses that fit your schedule? I got you covered!

Live 1-on-1 sessions

Looking for more personalized help? With over 20 years of experience. I am here for you virtual or in-person.

Coaches Certification

Want to be the BEST health advocate for your team? This self paced course gives you the education & resources.

Online Running Analysis

Looking for help with running form? My Dartfish® slow motion analysis software and I are ready for you.

Looking for immediate help with a pain, injury, or running issue?

Runner-911 is our immediate virtual assessment where me and my team can assess and get you answers NOW!

Don't wait around for insurance to approve a medical visit and then wait two weeks to get it.
We will get to you within 24 hours!

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Our clients have improved their health, improved their running, and reduced their pain!

Great tips for all of us runners

Michael Silva is very knowledgeable and had great tips for all of us runners regardless of whether you are a “slow trotter” (like myself) or an elite athlete. Michael has a great sense of humor which helps to keep everyone engaged. I would highly recommend attending any seminar given my Michael Silva!

by Shannon

Every runner need this!

I have worked with Michael over the past several years when I am in Providence, RI. He has helped me out with running injuries and general selfcare. His RUNstrong 101 has all the basics that every runner needs.

by Emily Sisson

USA Olympian, record holder


As a former swimmer, I’m relatively new to the sport of running. Signing up for my first half, I made some rookie training mistakes that led to an injury. My RUNStrong class was so eye-opening, and I know I have some great tools in place now to help make me a stronger, safer, and more successful runner. Thank you, Michael

by Sarah D

One of the best

Michael Silva is truly one of the best at what he does! He helped me toward the end of my career to achieve many of the goals I still wanted to accomplish. His knowledge and passion is a winning combination. He believes in prevention just as much as correction. I would recommend him to any level of athlete who wants to get the most out of themselves.

by Amy Rudolph

2-time USA Olympian

Healthier and stronger

I have worked with Michael at every stage of my running career from high school, to college, and now at the professional level... I've consistently turned to him to become a healthier and stronger runner. The techniques I've learned and the treatment I have received from Michael are irreplaceable and have allowed me to keep enjoying and improving with the sport I love.

by Johnny Gregorek

Professional runner

Comprehensive, straight-forward and applicable

As a high school cross country/track coach and a physical therapist who works with runners, I really enjoyed the online coaches certification course. Michael presents a comprehensive, straight-forward and applicable course covering a variety of topics related to coaching young runners successfully. I looked forward to each module and am very excited to bring back these ideas to the team this Fall!

by Sue McNatt

High school cross country/track coach and PT

The course is a treasure

Michael's course is a treasure trove of valuable information, techniques, and skills.  Our entire cross-country staff has taken this course and each member of our staff has found it extremely informative, fun, and beneficial.  I highly recommend this course to any distance running coach or runner.  Thank you Michael for sharing your passion and knowledge for running and keeping us running healthy.

by Byron Kimmel

Head high school Cross Country Coach

Mike knows what it takes

“I've been working with Michael since I started running professionally in 2007.  Michael has worked with me on a range of issues including biomechanical assessment, rehab exercises and use of the Alter G, injury treatment and prevention, and organizing imaging and doctor visits after injury. He knows it takes a team to keep an athlete healthy!”

by Molly Huddle

USA 2-time Olympian

Top Courses

RUVA: RUnning Video Analysis

Our Running Video Analysis (RUVA) is essential for all runners. Using Dartfish® Slow Motion Analysis software and a detailed physical assessment, RUVA clients gain an unbelievable amount of knowledge and guidance to improve their running.


RUNstrong® 101: Exercise Series

This progressive exercise series is for any runner at any level. Run stronger, faster, more efficient, and with less risk of injury utilizing this program. Depending on your level you will progress through this program from 5 weeks to 5 months.


1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Learn how to sign-up for our RUNstrong® Virtual 1-on-1 sessions. From telehealth physical therapy, to guided exercise, to Q&A on health/running/injury. It's your session and lets make the most of it!


RUNstrong® Coaches Certification Course

The RUNstrong® Coaches Course will give running coaches of all levels the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to help their runners attain health, strength, and resiliency. Learn a healthcare perspective on running from Michael Silva, MS, PT, CSCS.


RUNstrong® Exercise Video Library

RUNstrong® Exercise Video Library is an ever- growing library of running specific exercises broken up into several categories: foam rolling, dynamic warm-up, strength, and mobility. Quick guided video tutorials.


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Hi, I'm Michael Silva.
I created RUNstrong® for runners just like you...

There are 50 million runners in the USA alone and 621 Million runners worldwide. For 20 years I have seen runners struggling to stay healthy and keep running for their mental, emotional, and physical health. I have witnessed runner after runner trying to navigate our confusing healthcare system, getting poor advice, and looking to the internet, with all its confusion, for help.
Sharing my expertise on running injuries and prevention, combined with helping clients thrive in life with optimal health & wellness is my mission. My goal is to provide this valuable content to reach 1 million runners before I retire. Why 1 million? Because getting to a million runners would mean I am making a bigger difference and will be the inertia needed to make a paradigm shift in the running world. I know keeping runners running successfully is the key to their health and happiness.

I welcome you to become part of my "Journey To Reach One Million Runners"!